Wedding Party

MALU AGUILAR (Maid of Honor)

MaluMalu and Maite met in a management class freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania – both their name tags said “Maria”, what their professor considered to be a funny coincidence (fully unaware Maria is just the most common first name in Latin America). Ever since, they went from being classmates with the same first name, to friends to BFFs over the span of their UPenn careers and their first years joining the workforce. Malu currently lives in London, United Kingdom.


CarlaCarla and Maite have been friends since Freshman Year at the University of Pennsylvania, where Maite met Jeff while living in the same dorm. Throughout the years, their friendship has strengthened due to their mutual love of food – especially Pod and Amada. Carla lives in Philadelphia, PA.


DaniellaThey say best friends are made instantly, that was not the case with Maite and Daniella. They grew up together and became closer and closer friends throughout the years. Even now, despite living in different countries, the bond between them remains strong as ever; they are always there for each other. Daniella lives in Guayaquil, Ecuador.


MarisaMaite and Marisa first met through a mutual love of dance when they both auditioned and joined the Latin dance troupe, Onda Latina, at UPenn in 2005. Together they experienced long, arduous hours of dance rehearsal, the excitement and thrill of performing together on stage, and the glee in celebrating as a troupe when they put on a great show. Over time they grew closer as friends as they share a love of fashion, dance, and all things girly. Most of all, they have truly been there for each other as they both navigate the path of being young modern women. Marisa currently lives with her husband Gbenga in Cherry Hill, NJ.


VickyVicky and Maite met when Vicky visited Guayaquil to meet the Burbano family for the first time. She was there to celebrate Maite’s graduation from high school. Since Jeff came up on the radar, she has witnessed how Jeffaite´s (Maite + Jeff) relationship has built an environment filled with love and laughter. Her daughters, the flower girls Anamar and Mariana, were recipients of this amazing circle of love and I have seen how this crazy love extended to them when calling her Titi and Uncle Peff on FaceTime. After 100 months, Vicky is here to celebrate Jeffaite´s decision to start a new family and she cheers for their health and eternal love. Que vivan los novios, viva la alegría! Vicky, Anamar, Mariana and Marcelo live in Bogotá, Colombia.


VanessaVanessa is Maite’s sister-in-law. She has known Maite since Maite was in high school. Over visits to Ecuador, UPenn, living together in NYC for a summer and beyond, they have become real sisters. Vanessa, Esteban and Maite’s godson Nico live in Newport Beach, CA.


CristiMaite and Cristina met a very long time ago, maybe in second or third grade, anyway too long ago to calculate. Over many study dates and, later on, a few drinks they both built many lasting memories. Maite and Cristina graduated from high school and the course of their lives led them along different paths, but when love is strong destiny has a way of bringing people back together. This was the case for them. While pursuing their independent dreams, Maite in finance and Cristina in fashion, they both happened to move to New York at about the same time. Their connection was reborn and after a few dinners and movies they realized that they had picked up right where they left off. Sometimes, after all, the more things change the more they stay the same. Cristina lives in New York, NY.


TedJeff and Ted have been friends for a long time, in fact so long that there really isn’t a record of when the friendship started. As far as anyone can tell (and historians often debate this point), it is a union of two men that has stood since time immemorial. It might be older than the Earth. Whether this friendship is older than fossils or younger than a baby born tomorrow, there is certainly one truth: it is unbreakable. Among Jeff’s many features that make him such an exceptional, unique man, and there are many–his charm, the white-Javier-Bardem-esque good looks, the sharp intellect, his largesse and magnanimity–the one that has always and will always define the man is his humor, at least for this guy. Jeff and Ted have shared thousands of jokes, graduating from silly potty humor as kids to politically poignant potty humor as adults, and, to be sure, life would be a little bit more dreary and little bit more serious and certainly a little bit darker if it weren’t for this man’s laugh and ability to make others laugh. Ted looks forward to the next infinity years of friendship and the many witticisms they will bring. Here is to you, my dear friend.

Congratulations to both the bride and groom. I cannot be happier for you two and I wish you both all the best, and then a little bit more.


MarceloJeff and Marcelo have been close friends since he and Maite both moved to Boston, where Marcelo and Vicky lived. In Boston we saw los Jeffaite´s (Jeff+Maite) relationship flourish.  Since the beginning I considered Jeff an awesome guy that was able to do the impossible: conquer my sister´s heart and her temperament.  Jeff is the most noble person that I know, he has always been part of my family and I am extremely happy that los Jeffaite are finally tying the knot. Cheers to la Novia y el Novio.


EstebanJeff and Esteban met at Penn in Stouffer College House when Esteban first visited his sister her freshman year.  Jeff lived across the hall and from that first meeting seemed to show interest in the talkative person playing loud music on his floor.  I realized those two would end up together when Maite confessed that I was her favorite brother and that she loved Jeff.  Actually, I realized Jeff was in it to win it when he stuck around after a round of threats and heavy jokes from a gang of my closest friends during my own wedding more than 6 years ago.  He demonstrated the same determination to be the last man standing when he decided to outdrink everyone during a trip to Colombia a few years later which ended in an infamous 6-hour trip across the Andes in a winding road and too many “why did I do that?!”.  After many, many years, and endless examples of strong will, I am sure Maite and Jeff have what it takes to build a beautiful family.  Cheers to the Bride and Groom!


AneeshJeff and Aneesh have been very close friends since one fine Boston night in 2009 when a sick-at-home Maite allowed the guys a chance to bond over some well-blended juices and telling card games.  I have always been especially impressed by Jeff’s willingness to test his innate metabolic (and cultural) naïveté through a wide array of cuisines, friendships, and dance styles.  Despite this man-of-all-trades nature, I remain a tad surprised that Maite spent weeks toiling for this man’s attention. But now that I have a London-certified Masters in the cross continental consistency of the challenges of accommodating women, I have come to deeply understand how awesome and complementary Jeff and Maite’s relationship is. Cheers to the Bride and Groom!


DavidJeff and David became close friends after they each ended up moving to Boston where David and Maite used to be colleagues. After David met Jeff at a party at Aneesh’s apartment, David immediately recognized how lucky Jeff and Maite were to have each other.  Maite struck gold to have found someone with such incredible intelligence, patience, and taste for fine tequilas.  It is so exciting to imagine the adventures that these two have ahead in their futures. Congratulations to Jeff and Maite!


Joe RosenJeff and Joe have known each other since their playground days way back in Kindergarten. Whether it was school, drawing, sports, shooting people with paintballs, or even just video games, I always have thought of Jeff as a bit of a perfectionist. I even like to think that this is true when it comes to the people he surrounds himself with, which is why I was surprised when I found out that he had met someone he clearly cared so much for such a short time after leaving for college. But, upon meeting Maite and seeing the two of them together, it was very clear why he was so happy. I know that they will have a wonderful life together and consider myself truly lucky to have been friends with Jeff for so many years. Congratulations Jeff and Maite!